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LeGua Bird's Nest Essence

Ready to drink bird's nest essence

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Le'Gua Cave Bird's Nest Essence

Le'Gua cave bird's nest essence is produced using the latest advancement in biotechnology from Malaysia. Le'Gua only uses cave bird's nest sourced from Baram, Sarawak in East Malaysia which is touted as one of the most premium bird's nest in the market today. Baram cave bird's nest currently retails from RM35,000 per kg in Hong Kong and China which makes its accessible to mostly high end consumers. With Le'Gua, more consumers will be able to enjoy premium cave bird's nest from Sarawak which is rich in sialic acid. The Le'Gua brand is partly owned by the families who owns the caves in Baram for more than 100 years which gives us consistent supply for production. The bird's nest from Baram are directly delivered from Sarawak to our lab and facility in Kuala Lumpur to be processed into essence. 



Le'Gua has amplified the benefits of bird’s nest by distilling it into a bottled essence form. This luxurious liquid form surpasses the efficacy of the traditional consumption of double boiled bird’s nest as it allows our bodies to absorb its nutrients to the fullest. 


Benefits of Sialic Acid in Bird's Nest

1. Boost the brain development in children.

2. Preserves and improves skin health.

3. Repairs and rejuvenate cells.

4. Slows down the aging process.

5. Maintain overall health.


The Process of Producing Bird's Nest Essence

1. Soaking and washing using reverse osmosis water.

2. Nano-bubble electrophoresis to remove heavy metal & nitrite.

3. Bio-hydrolysis to release the readily to be absorbed active ingredients of bird's nest.

4. Ultrafiltration to remove any impurities.

5. Bottling and sterilization using high pressure thermal process to remove microorganism.


✅✅✅ Fast and ready to drink

✅✅✅ High absorption, 10 times more effective than traditional double boiled bird's nest

✅✅✅ Free from impurities and heavy metals

✅✅✅ No preservatives

✅✅✅ GMP manufacturing standards

✅✅✅ HACCP health & safety certification

LeGua Bird's Nest Concentrate 20ml * 14 bottles

No Warranty

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