Aiakos is a remold, though an extensive one, of his fellow Hades-arm Minos

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Robot Mode: Unsurprisingly Aiakos is a remold, though an extensive one, of his fellow Hades-arm Minos. The engineering is identical, but quite a few of the details differ. All in all I’d say they’re about 50% the same guy. Aiakos is mostly a light red, bordering on magenta, and comes with a new head, a very close match to the noggin’ of his animated counterpart Gaihawk. Articulation and detailing is every bit as good as it was on Minos.

Aiakos is the final member of the Hades squad to get the spotlight, and as the Gaihawk impersonator, it is a fitting end to the set. A remold of the outstanding Minos, Aiakos brings back all of the excellent aspects of that figure and fixes one incredible drawback. Aiakos also comes with a pair of long blasters and a large, blocky part that is certainly intended to be a weapon of some sort as well

Alternate Mode: Aiakos transforms into a MiG-29 fighter jet. The transformation is basically identical to that of Minos except for the arrangement of the wings. The resulting jet looks pretty good, has only a very minor underbelly, and everything clicks together nicely. It features a working landing gear, an opening cockpit, and the two big Hades-Hand-Guns can be fitted underneath the wings (they drag them down due to their weight, though). If you want you can also mount the two big side guns of the Hades gun that comes with Aiakos, but I advise against that, as they look massively out of scale. Aiakos’ Breast-Animal (see below) can also be fitted in weapon mode

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