About Mbooster

An Online Retail Digital Listing Platform with a value proposition that engenders the privileges of a shopping experience through sharing of the e-Voucher Mbooster-as-A-Gift (eVMaAG) solution.

The Mbooster name is short for ‘Mobile Booster’, signifying Mbooster’s position as a service that is available to the customer from anywhere and anytime they want to shop online. The Mbooster concept is to make shopping easier and accessible for everyone; by having it online and social.

Mbooster is also an Online Retail Data Driven integrated cross orchestration marketing platform with a focus on engaging the user with unique online retail deals via Mbooster e-Vouchers, namely eVM. We make online shopping social by bringing personalisation and immediacy in retailer interaction via a service within our trusted Loyalty Rewards Application Platform; the MMspot app.

Unleash the power of a strategic business collaboration with MMspot, where Mbooster customers also get plenty of deals on various products so you can always save money and still get a good shopping experience!


At Mbooster, we want Malaysians to be able to shop at their own convenience; shopping is meant to be fun and exciting, not a chore. We want to oer our customers the best deals possible when they’re shopping online. Our mission is to let everyone enjoy shopping at their convenience for less.


We envision Mbooster expanding beyond Malaysia to become a premiere e-Voucher Mbooster as-A-Gift (eVMaAG) online cross channel orchestration platform for the entire South East Asian region.

Core Values

Be Better Always

Everything can be made better, everything is by default flawed, thus it is our ongoing mission to improve our service and products to give our customers the best deals with the greatest savings.

Quality is Crucial

Quality is important to us, we don’t want our customers to receive fake products so we’re always making sure that everything sold through Mbooster is genuine and authentic so that the quality is also guaranteed.

Respect the Merchant

Our merchants are not just clients, they’re what makes us possible. We see them as the reason we can succeed and we want them to succeed as well.

Respect the Customer

Mbooster believes that every customer deserves our respect, through fair and honest treatment in our interactions. We try to deliver the best to our clients so that they can trust us.

What is eVM?

eVM is what we call our e-Vouchers for Mbooster. You can top them up with cash to purchase online retail products listed on Mbooster with great deals.